Entity Formation
Do I Need A Lawyer to Incorporate in Texas?

Hiring the right business lawyer to provide the entrepreneur advice and judgment born from experience and training is always a sound decision. However, a lawyer is not legally required to form an entity (for that matter, the business owner can form the entity himself or herself directly with the Texas Secretary of State at www.sos.state.tx.us ). Some entrepreneurs on limited budgets therefore choose to forgo the initial investment in legal fees. However, the adage "pay me now, or pay me a lot more later," often applies to the do-it-yourself business owner.

The key services best provided by a business lawyer include advising the owner on what legal entity to form (choice of entity), and drafting documents that fit the circumstances and address common business‐killers. Entity service companies like Legal Zoom cannot give the business owner legal advice on which entity to choose, nor draft custom provisions to fit the particular needs of the business owner.

The need for legal advice, and the likely cost, is not the same for all business owners. The simplest situations involve single-owner entities with small businesses. The most complex situations involve fast-growth businesses with multiple owners intent on raising substantial capital from outside investors. However, even the single-owner can benefit from an experienced business lawyer's advice on selecting the correct entity, and operating the business properly so as not to expose the owner to the business' liabilities. On the bright side, the legal fees should be substantially lower for the single-owner situation.

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