Entity Formation
Selecting The Right Lawyer

The entrepreneur forming a new entity would be best served by selecting an experienced business attorney with tax expertise. The attorney should have the following:

  • Business and Tax Law Training and Expertise;
  • At Least Ten Years of Experience Incorporating Entities and Advising Businesses and Owners in Significant Transactions;
  • Business Experience;
  • Concentration in Entity Formations;
  • Experience with Buying and Selling Businesses;
  • Experience with Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing;
  • Experience with Raising Capital Through Private Offerings;
  • Experience with Business Divorces, i.e., the Division of a Company as the Result of a Dispute Between or Among Its Owners; and
  • Reasonable and Predictable Fees.

The entrepreneur should seek recommendations from trusted individuals with the requisite experience and judgment. Good resources include certified public accountants, other lawyers, the local bar association, and other business owners. Ideally the referral source would have significant experience working with multiple lawyers so as to have informed judgment, and not mere opinion.

Finally, the entrepreneur should be personally comfortable and have a feeling of trust with the attorney. After researching the attorney's qualifications, the client should interview him or her.

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Selecting the Right Lawyer

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