Entity Formation
What Does Incorporation Cost?

For the vast majority of incorporations, Doggett Law Firm provides legal services under the following flat fees. Unusually complex companies or situations, such as venture capital investments or private offerings, will fall outside of these standard fee arrangements. You will know what your fee structure is before you are committed.

Package Description Legal Fee (exclusive of state filing fees)
Single Owner Incorporation

For the entity with only one owner. Includes initial consultation; choice of entity analysis; certificate of formation; company agreement, or bylaws, organizational meeting minutes; and instructions on how to operate the company.

Multiple Owner Incorporation

Same as Single Owner Package, but for the entity with more than one owner. Will include up to an additional half-hour of consultation, as well as advice and custom provisions on management issues, indemnification, conflicts of interest and competition.

Multiple Owner Incorporation PLUS

Same as Multiple Owners Package, but includes up to an additional hour of consultation, as well as advice and custom provisions on transfer restrictions, dispute resolution, buy-sell terms, rights of first refusal, tag-along-rights, drag-along rights and/or a push-pull.

Limited Partnership PLUS

Same as Multiple Owners PLUS package, but includes all of the above for both the limited partnership entity itself, and for an LLC or corporation serving as the corporate general partner.

Tax Filings

IRS Form SS-4 and obtain EIN from IRS, IRS Form 8832, Entity Classification Election IRS Form 2553, S Election

$75 per form

The Texas Secretary of State establishes its own filing fees for incorporation, set forth below, which are payable in advance.

Item Fee

LLC Certificate of Formation


Corporation Certificate of Formation


LP Certificate of Formation


Expedited Handling


Convenience Charge (credit card fee)


How Do I Get Started With My Incorporation?
Simply call 210.241.5755.